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'Aromat the Farten  Hound'    ( 70 pages )

 A story for little boys that  like  rude things,  secrets and  words like 'poo' and 'fart' because for some little boys  these words were the funniest thing in story land  and stories without them were simply  not worth listening to.

Childrens story by Patrick Davis                                                              Illustrations by   Siarhei Haurylik

Story (3)   The river rescue

Story (2)
Aromat saves the sausages

Story (1)

A very strange dog Indeed

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70 pages paperback  

Amazon Australia   $26.06  

Amazon U.K.          £10.78  

Amazon USA        $15.99  


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Image from Front Cover.   Aromat learns to fly   (above)

Story (4)    Aromat and the Rodeo   (some images below)

 some Images from the River rescue 
The smell from the fart was truly delicious. The German Shepherd Police Dog instantly sniffed the air and ripped the lead out of the policeman’s grasp. .
Question    What makes a Farten Hound                    different?

Answer      there are 4 things, (see below)

The 1st thing
was that Farten Hounds  could not Poo. . Whenever Aromat ate anything he simply got bigger.   If he ate a meat pie, Aromat simply grew  bigger by about the size of a meat pie. ..   There was no limit,
The 2nd thing 
 was even more unusual, and this  was that  all  Farten Hounds  have special Scent glands,   It was quite easy for Aromat to use the scent gland in his bum  to make any  fart smell like anything he wanted.   He could fart with the smell of roses, or steak and kidney pie, or rotten onions, absolutely anything he wanted.

The 3rd thing-

 Was the cleverest thing,  was that Farten Hounds also have  special Colour Glands, this meant that when they farted they could do it in any colour they liked.  It could be a great big plume of red,  or even a Grey smoke colored fart. 

   Aromat could fart bright blue - or if he concentrated very hard  he could even fart yellow and green stripes.

The 4th thing  

What was most amazing thing  of all  was that Aromat could  fart in tune. He could fart like a trumpet, even play different tunes.  He could even fart  the sound of  a bird  chirping in a tree.   

Some Images from story (6) The Really Lovely Wedding

Susan said " My mother had a really lovely wedding, and Henry's mother had a really lovely wedding and that is exactly what we want to have. . .
   We also want a band with a famous trumpet player",
   " Right " said the Hotel Manager "
    A really lovely Wedding with a famous trumpeter."

    70 pages paperback     

         Amazon                Australia       $26.06

            Amazon                 U.K.              £10.78  

          Amazon                USA               $15.99

When the bus carrying the band members arrived in town, the trumpet player had  put his head out of the window to look at the big Chimney stack at the factory and hit his head on a lamp post . . . 
"Knocked all of his teeth out" Mary Said.
  Image Below
He put the saucepan back and   told the girl at the front desk 
"I am going  home  I don’t feel well".
 I do not think the Band leader  had ever seen  a Farten Hound before.