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   A Fairy  story  for children and adults alike.  Featuring an extremely wise Owl,  a not so wise, but quite gullible Wallaby, a very upset Platypus, A Bilby that is trod on by a  Wild Brumby.  and a Bower Bird that loses a shiny object he was taking to place in his nest.   All ends Well for young Wallaby and a new friend when young wallaby discovers  the chance of a lifetime

Childrens story by Patrick Davis        Illustrations by   Siarhei Haurylik   

Below are some short extracts from this Australian Fairy tale


 "My dear Wally, I am vastly more intelligent than you, I can see and understand complex concepts that your own small mind could never grasp. On even the merest physical level you can barely jump.  On a purely intellectual level, you can scarcely hop. Me, myself,"  boasted Owl, "on both physical and intellectual status can fly and soar above and beyond anything you could possibly dream." Then Owl asked a question.  "Wally, I sometimes wonder about the imaginations and awe you must feel every time we encounter one other.  Tell me young Wallaby, when you look at me...what do you see?

"I see one crazy bird" , answered Wallaby humbly.

    Wallaby was perfectly correct in his assessment of Owl. The Owl was truly as nutty as a fruit cake 

Owl did not like to eat friends.

 Owl preferred to eat Porridge. "Porridge is excellent on icy mornings"

sometimes wally  was inclined to jump first without knowing quite where he was going to land. 

The small silver spoon fell from the sky, spinning and twirling, glinting and flashing in the Sunlight. The shine of the falling spoon reflected in the sky like a falling star or even a sparkling diamond.  Spinning and twisting downwards into the small clearing 

Young Platypus  playing in the river with his big Sister

Image right

It was quite a long time later that Owl called around to visit the Wallabies.  The couple had built a beautiful house on the hill, a lovely place to keep their Chance.  When Owl called in to visit they were not alone - there were several little Wallabies hopping around.

The Chance had been mounted on the main wall of their home.   When the Owl inspected it he said.  

           "This is the best Chance I have ever seen in the whole forest."

 One minute Bilby  was happily sunbathing in the short grass, 

Bilby had  a horrible accident.